Mexican-style restaurant chain Taco Bell says it will begin phasing out its children’s menu, and will no longer have one by January. The company announced Monday that it will no longer offer separate options for kids, but will instead incorporate its crunchy taco, soft taco, bean burrito and other kids’ items into its regular menu. And with the children’s menu will go the toys that currently accompany those meals. The company says it made its decision based on the fact that the funds currently dedicated to kids meals and toys could pack more punch elsewhere. “We’ve got people dedicated to sourcing the toys, buying the toys, licensing the toys, shipping the toys,” CEO Greg Creed told the Huffington Post. “There are resources in the organization dedicated to this which we can reallocate to things that I think will grow the business and also be more consistent in our positioning.” The company is the first major fast food chain to eliminate its children’s menu, it announced in a press release Monday; however Jack in the Box stopped including toys with its kids’ meals in 2011. The Center for Science in the Public Interest praised Taco Bell’s move: “Taco Bell is taking a constructive step forward by no longer using toys to encourage kids to pester their parents to go to that restaurant,” said Margo Wootan, nutrition policy director for the consumer group, in a statement Monday. “We urge McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and others to follow Taco Bell’s lead and stop using toys or other premiums to lure kids to meals of poor nutritional quality,” Wootan continued. Taco Bell is owned by YUM! Brands, which also operates KFC. The fried chicken chain will keep its kids menu.