A Minnesota dairy farm’s raw milk is being blamed for six illnesses, including three that have been laboratory confirmed as Campylobacter jejuni bacteria, according to state epidemiologists. The outbreak attributed to raw milk was reported Tuesday by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), which said routine disease surveillance was responsible for detecting the six illnesses and linking them to consumption of raw dairy products from the Dennis Jaloszyski dairy farm, located near Cambridge. The illnesses were reported to state health authorities by local health care providers. Minnesota Department of  Agricuture inspectors visited the farm to finding out how many people purchased the raw milk and to notify them of the outbreak. Jaloszyski claims he does not maintain customer lists, prompting the state to urge anyone who purchased the raw milk to throw it away. When MDH contacted the six individuals to inquire about potential causes of their illnesses, all reported that they had consumed raw milk from the Jaloszynski Farm. “We’re concerned that people may be continuing to get sick after consuming products from this farm,” said Trisha Robinson, a foodborne illness epidemiologist with MDH. “While we are very concerned about the illnesses associated with this farm, this also is about the inherent risk for foodborne illness from any raw milk consumption,” Robinson said. “Drinking raw milk or eating products made from raw milk can expose you to a variety of pathogens that can result in anything from a few days of diarrhea to kidney failure and death. People need to think carefully about those risks before consuming raw dairy products from any source, and people need to know that the risks are especially high for young children.” Common symptoms of Campylobacter infection include fever, diarrhea (sometimes bloody), abdominal pain, malaise, and vomiting. Symptoms generally begin 2-5 days after consumption of contaminated food. Symptoms last for about a week in most people but last for up to three weeks in 20 percent of cases. In addition, Campylobacter infection occasionally results in complications such as arthritis and Guillain-Barré syndrome, which is characterized by the sudden onset of paralysis. Anyone who believes they may have become ill with Campylobacter should contact his or her healthcare provider.

  • George Wilson

    Congress should pass legislation to withhold Federal Funding to States that allow the sale of raw milk. Foodborne illness from raw milk is preventable!

    • Oginikwe

      All food-borne illnesses are preventable.

    • Melyn11

      Yet they still allow the sale of skim milk which is just white water. It has absolutely no nutritional value and actually depletes the body of being able to handle the fat we do intake. Would you run your car without oil? Your brain can’t function or work and heal properly without healthy fats.

      Maybe if the rest of our food supply was healthy (non-GMO, etc) our immune systems wouldn’t be overtaxed thus allowing us to effectively take care of a few Campylobacter.

      And lastly – if other industrialized countries can sell raw milk (in vending machines none the less!) what makes it so bad for us?

    • Agitated

      Congress should pass legislation to just hurry up and kill us all, instead of making it this long drawn out painful thing where they poison our food and make it worthless, fill the air with crap to breathe, contaminates in our water, chemicals in everything we use from bleach on your maxi pads to parabens/edta etc in your lotions/shampoos/conditioners, rat poison in most toothpastes with the poison control hotline on the tube in case you ingest too much, mercury in our fillings, EMRs with all our wonderful technology, and the list goes on and on. My favorite by far is how they promote it all as perfectly safe and healthy. Everyone is dying of cancer… hmmmm… wonder why? (sarcasm). Heh, and you’re worried about raw milk. Pleeease.

  • Sick of the lies

    I’m betting not one member of the farmer’s family is sick because it is all trumped up to run them into the ground. Wake up people! All set up by design to run the small producer out of business. Processed milk is stripped of the nutrients and harder for the body to digest. I’m sure there are tons of people ready to argue and they are all pill poppers blaming everything under the sun for their illnesses while consuming tainted food from the grocery store filled with preservatives and GMO’s. Back to basics people. Raise your food from heirloom seeds, grow your own meat with natural grasses and no pesticides or antibiotics.

  • 4RAW

    I call “BULLSHIT” on this.

  • George Wilson, are you a dairy farmer that sells bulk milk? Have you read about the USDA approved meat that has just been recalled because it made people sick, or the USDA approved salad that has been recalled because it made people sick? I am sure you have. As much raw milk that is consumed in the US each year, and around the world, the statistics show raw milk consumption is much safer than USDA’s track record. Let people consume what they want.