Two women have filed lawsuits in Fayetteville, N.C., against the Holiday Inn Bordeaux alleging that they fell ill with Salmonella poisoning after eating food served at the hotel. The lawsuits come the same day the case count of those sickened in the outbreak rose again. The plaintiffs, Lucille Thompson and Tara Foster, are two of at least 99 cases connected to the outbreak. Both women purchased food at the Cafe Bordeaux on May 8 or 9 and then fell ill with vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramps within days. Thompson she sought medical treatment for her illness on May 12 and received a prescription for antibiotics as well as intravenous re-hydration therapy. Foster was admitted to an Asheville, N.C. hospital for four days beginning May 13. According to the Cumberland County Department of Public Health, the last known illness developed on May 15, meaning  efforts to curb the outbreak seem to have worked. The Holiday Inn Bordeaux contains two restaurants, the All American Bar & Grill and the Cafe Bordeaux, both of which were connected to the spread of Salmonella. The plaintiffs are represented by Fayetteville lawyer Steven Lawrence and foodborne illness law firm Marler Clark, which  is one of the underwriters of Food Safety News.