After calling nearly 250,000 customers last week to tell them the smoked salmon they had purchased was being recalled for potential Salmonella contamination, Costco has released one of the two recalled brands of the fish back onto the market, and has been informed by health officials that no U.S. illnesses are linked to either product. “All code dates of Kirkland Signature Norwegian Smoked have been released for use and sale by the Dutch Authorities and our supplier,” said Craig Wilson, Costco’s director of food safety in an emailed statement to Food Safety News. Kirkland Signature was one of two brands under which the recalled salmon, produced by Netherlands -based Foppen, was sold. This brand of smoked salmon was manufactured at a Dutch plant, while the other brand – sold under the brand name Foppen – was processed at the company’s plant in Greece. The Foppen salmon is not being cleared, according to Wilson, because smoked salmon from the Greek plant has been linked to over 200 Salmonella illnesses in the Netherlands. “Because it comes from the implicated plant in Greece it is being destroyed, even though it is not implicated in illness in the US,” says Wilson of the recalled Foppen brand salmon. “I’m not prepared to take chances with it.” While Foppen smoked salmon tested positive for the strain causing the Netherlands outbreak, “all global testing on the Kirkland Signature Smoked Salmon has been negative for any microorganism of concern including salmonella,” said Wilson. He added that the brand has always tested negative in Costco’s internal test and hold program. Costco says consumers who purchased the affected salmon products are being updated on this new information via the company’s automated recall notification system. U.S. health officials are continuing to interview patients who contracted Salmonella Thompson infections over the past month, since the rate of these cases unusually high over this time period, but so far no link has been established between the illnesses and  Foppen smoked salmon. “This is an ongoing investigation,” said Lola Russell, spokesperson for CDC, in an emailed statement to Food Safety News. “We are still interviewing case-patients but at this point there is no indication that the US cases are linked to smoked salmon.” Editor’s note: This article was updated since its original publication to include new information from the CDC.  

  • Dorothy Ann Harris

    I received your letter today regarding Foppen Salmon and I am very upset. The salmon was consumed, I did get very ill, however I thought it was the flu. I had chills, fever, stomach cramps and vomiting.
    Please respond as what I do now.

  • Hi Dorothy,

    If you’re still experiencing symptoms, you should see your healthcare provider. You should also contact your local health department to report your illness.



  • Mahmoud S.Mansour

    I have bougt, 10/13/12, and eaten, 19/14/12, item 7859 ” Foppen Norwegian Smoked Salmon Slices 12.oz, from costco.
    since the I have and continue have diarrhea, nausa, and severe weakness. What I should do?

    M. Mansour

    • Hi Mahmoud,

      You should see your healthcare provider and report your illness to your local health department. Sorry to hear you are ill.



  • Erineliza22

    Omg …I got so sick also! Very weak feeling! And I didn’t even know why untill I went back to buy the salmon slices for a party I was hosting last week! I never got the call!! Do I get my $ back!!? At least??!

  • CA consumer

    I purchased 2 packs of the 12 oz Foppen product in late Sept, got the alert phone call from Costco at the beginning of Oct, then received the letter almost 2 weeks later.  After careful reading of the meager information about the specifics of what I’d bought and what was possibly contaminated, since we had already eaten some without any negative effects I decided to keep the products and see what developed.  After waiting and reading further, I concluded the problem was not spreading and the risk was low, so we gradually consumed the rest.  No illness.  I am guessing it will turn out that none of the contaminated product reached the U.S. or Costco.  When I contracted a nasty case of the very unpleasant stomach ‘flu’ labeled norovirus a couple of years ago and read up on it, the story then was that an estimated 40,000,000 cases of it occurred annually in the U.S. alone, not to speak of other intestinal/stomach attacks of various sorts.  Salmonella attacks are much rarer.  I think that in gauging risk one should remember that the worst case scenario almost never occurs, and a little cautious waiting can dispel initial panic.  By the way, I’m thinking that there were no packages of the Foppen available in Costcos by 10/13, all having been removed a week or more earlier.  Purchase must have been previous to about Oct 1.

  • Lpaxson

    I bought the Foppen product at Costco and never got a call from them.  I finally received a letter on October 23!  I was sick with flu like symptoms after eating the product 2 weeks ago,but have finally recovered.

  • Jaihud

    Well does anyone know if this has been taken care of as of recently? Does Costco even carry that brand anymore or sell smoked salmon at all? I wanted to try it. I’ve only had sushi grade smoked salmon.