The fate of a Minnesota organic egg farmer being determined in trial proceedings has gone to the jury, which will resume its deliberations today.

The case went to the jury late Wednesday, and the panel deliberated for about an hour before calling it quits for the day.

Since Monday, the jury has been hearing the evidence against Alvin Schlangen of Freeport over charges brought by the action of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture over the state’s ban on the commercial sale of raw milk.

The farmer is charged with three misdemeanor counts involving distributing unpasteurized milk, operating without a food handler’s license, and handling adulterated food.

Minnesota law only permits raw milk sales actually on the farm where it’s produced.

Schlangen acknowledges that he was involved in a private buying club with members who claim to own cow shares with raw milk producing Amish dairymen. He would pick up and deliver the raw milk with other products, but claims the scheme did not involve actual sales of the products.