Over the years, Shigella outbreaks have not been a large part of our practice, but when they do happen they can be severe: •Doubletree Hotel Shigella Outbreak Lawsuit – Colorado (2003)Filiberto’s Shigella Outbreak Lawsuit – California (2006)Gate Gourmet Shigella Outbreak Lawsuits – Hawaii, Nationwide (2004)Royal Fork Shigella Outbreak Lawsuits – Washington (2001)Senor Felix 5-Layer Dip Shigella Outbreak Lawsuits – Western States (2000)Subway Restaurant Shigella Outbreak Lawsuits – Illinois (2010)Viva Mexico Shigella Outbreak Lawsuits – California (2000) So, a few years about we started www.about-shigella.com and have recently updated it. Shigella is a species of enteric bacteria that causes disease in humans and other primates. The disease caused by the ingestion of Shigella bacteria is referred to as shigellosis, which is most typically associated with diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms. “Shigella infection is the third most common cause of bacterial gastroenteritis in the United States, after Salmonella infection and Campylobacter infection and ahead of E. coli O157 infection.” The global burden of shigellosis has been estimated at 165 million cases per year, of which 163 million are in developing countries. More than one million deaths occur in the developing world yearly due to Shigella infection. By one estimate, Shigella infections are responsible for 300,000 illnesses and 600 deaths per year in the United States. By another estimate, each year 450,000 Americans are infected with Shigella, causing 6,200 hospitalizations and 70 deaths. In general, Shigella is one of the most communicable and severe forms of the bacterial-induced diarrheas. No group of individuals is immune to shigellosis, but certain individuals are at increased risk. Small children acquire Shigella at the highest rate, and persons infected with HIV experience shigellosis much more commonly than other individuals. •An Introduction to Shigella BacteriaThe Incidence of Shigella InfectionThe Prevalence of Shigella in Food and ElsewhereTransmission of and Infection with ShigellaSymptoms of Shigella InfectionComplications of Shigella InfectionDiagnosis of Shigella InfectionTreatment for Shigella InfectionAntimicrobial Resistance in Shigella BacteriaThe Economic Impact of Shigella InfectionsReal Life Impacts of Shigella InfectionPreventing Shigella InfectionOutbreaks of Shigella InfectionConsumer Resources for ShigellaReferences I hope you find the update helpful.