Ingredients – Bananas (one per person) – Chocolate chips – Miniature marshmallows – Walnut pieces (optional) Directions Split a peeled banana and lay the two halves on a piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Sprinkle walnut pieces, chocolate chips, and miniature marshmallows over the banana halves. Pull up the edges of the aluminum foil and lightly seal them. Place the aluminum foil packa ges on the campfire grill over hot coals — not flames — and keep them there for about 10 minutes. Or place them on a barbecue grill over low heat. Take the foil-covered  packages off the grill and place them on a surface such as a paper plate or picnic table.  (You can eat these s’mores directly out of the foil packages.) Open the foil packages carefully so as not to let any steam that might be inside burn you. Let cool enough so bananas aren’t too hot — you don’t want the kids to burn the insides of their mouths in their haste to eat this delicious concoction. Note: The goal is to heat the s’mores until the marshmallows and chocolate chips melt. You’re not trying to “cook” them.  Enjoy!!