Food safety attorney and Food Safety News publisher Bill Marler will present a webinar on the legal consequences of poor food safety practices on June 14. In the webinar hosted by Food Seminars International, Marler will elaborate on his work in foodborne illness litigation. The webinar will include discussion on the obstacles companies face in prioritizing food safety, the common methods used to prove a foodborne illness claim and the roles that epidemiology and public health play in food safety, among other topics. Marler has specialized in foodborne illness litigation cases since 1993, when he represented victims of the famous Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak. His law firm, Marler Clark, has secured more than $600 million for clients in cases against food companies that have caused death and serious injury to customers. The webinar is interactive and will last approximately 90 minutes, including a question-and-answer session. For information on attending the webinar, please visit the Food Seminars International website. Food Safety News readers can get a discount on the webinar by visiting the following link: