Do you remember Domino’s Pizza employees Kristy Hammonds and Michael Setzer, who made a video of Setzer, 32, putting cheese up his nose before putting it on a sandwich, passing gas on a piece of salami and sneezing on an order of cheese sticks, then hiding the mucus under the cheese before boxing the order?  

Hammonds, 31 at the time, narrates the videos, laughing and making encouraging comments. Hammonds and Setzer were charged with felony adulteration of food. Hammonds pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. She received a 45-day suspended sentence and 18 months probation. During her probation, Hammonds cannot work at any establishment that prepares or serves food or beverages. Hammonds also must complete 200 hours of community service and pay for her attorney fees, which amounted to $1,125. Setzer pleaded guilty, taking an Alford plea. This admits the evidence against him is strong enough to produce a guilty plea but admits no wrongdoing.  Setzer was given a six-month suspended sentence, 24 months supervised probation and he was ordered to have no contact with Hammonds or Domino’s.

And, Peanut Corporation of America President Stewart Parnell (who sickened over 700 and killed 9 in a Salmonella Outbreak in 2009) and Wright County Eggman Jack DeCoster (who sickened over 1,600 in a Salmonella Outbreak in 2010) have been charged with no crimes at all.

What the hell is with that?