Peanut Corporation of America

By Darin Detwiler

In reflecting on the evolution of food safety over the past three decades, we observe a landscape marked by significant and escalating legal actions against companies responsible for outbreaks and violations.  The effectiveness of these penalties, especially monetary fines, in preventing future lapses in food safety, merits

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Ten years after a jury trial convicted him of 31 charges, resulting in a 20-year federal prison sentence, peanut broker Michael Parnell, 65, has filed his opening brief in his appeal of that conviction and sentence with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta.

In the

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Appellate attorney Amy Lee Copeland has provided the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit with Stewart Parnell’s Reply Brief. The reply is to the government’s opposition to Parnell’s 5-year-old motion for his release from federal custody.

“The parties’ briefs are ships that pass in the night,” Copeland wrote

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He’s a senior citizen held for a white-collar crime, but the government has no interest in releasing him early to free up some cell space. On the contrary, an assistant U.S. Attorney filed a vigorous Appellee’s Brief in opposition to Stewart Parnell’s nearly 4-year petition seeking to overturn his conviction

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Stewart Parnell is the most reviled character from one of food safety’s worst tragedies.

By their convictions and sentencing, Stewart Parnell, 69, and brother Michael Parnell, 64, respectfully still have 15 and 8 years before their prison release dates.

Their jury convictions and trial judge rulings were all upheld by

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Like former PCA President Stewart Parnell, Michael Parnell is before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta with a petition to vacate his conviction and sentence. Those petitions by the Parnell brothers have previously moved on similar tracks, but Michael’s appellate documents have been granted extended time for filing.

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Now on senior status, Federal Judge W. Louis Sands presided over the 2014 criminal trial of Peanut Corporation of American executives. And in new rulings, Sands has said “No” and “No” again to defendant Michael Parnell, who was seeking both “compassionate release” and the dismissal of his conviction on constitutional

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A decade after his indictment and a year after United States Magistrate Judge Thomas Q. Langstaff denied his petition for early release, one-time peanut butter mogul Stewart Parnell still has one more card to play.

Parnell, 68, has 15 years to run on his sentence imposed after a 2014 jury

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Savannah attorney Amy Lee Copeland has filed a Notice of Appeal for Stewart Parnell’s motion to vacate, set aside or correct his sentence under a federal habeas corpus action.

Parnell’s Motion was denied Sept. 23 by the trial judge, W. Louis Sands, who upheld the also negative findings of Magistrate

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