Chinese authorities seized more than 26 tons of melamin-tainted milk powder from an ice cream maker in what has become an ongoing, years-long food safety scandal.

It’s been three years since the infamous melamine scandal splashed international headlines–300,000 were sickened and 6 infants died after unknowingly consuming the chemical via adulterated dairy products. The incident sparked a country-wide food safety crackdown that has brought even more melamine-tainted dairy to light.

In January, China detained 96 people for allegedly producing and selling melamine dairy products after a raid turned up over two thousand tons of illegal product.

Chinese authorities have seized over 25,000 tons of melamine dairy since the high-profile scandal grabbed international headlines in 2008.

Melamine is an industrial chemical that can be used for artificially boosting protein content in dairy quality tests. The chemical is usually used to manufacture plastic and when ingested can cause kidney failure and kidney stones.