Last Saturday morning a worker’s legs were severed at the Vernon, California-based Jobbers Meat Packing Corporation in an accident.


He was taken to the hospital in critical condition and as of Tuesday the worker was undergoing continued treatment at the local hospital. He is now listed in stable condition, a National Meat Association spokesman speaking on behalf of the company told Meatingplace.


Marty Evans, CEO and majority owner of Jobbers Meat Packing said in a statement that he had visited the worker and his family at the hospital over the weekend. He declined to identify the worker, out of respect for him and his family, but did say he has worked for the company for 17 years.


“We will do everything possible to provide remedial support for this fine worker,” said Evans. “This is a terrible blow to all of our managers and his co-workers at Jobbers Meat Packing where we take worker safety very seriously.”


According to local media reports, health and safety officials have launched an investigation into how the accident occurred. The worker appeared to have fallen into a vat-like machine with blades used to chop up meat products, said emergency officials. The victim was found inside the machine and still conscious.


Local news radio station KNX reported one of the victim’s legs was severed around the upper thigh and the other just above the knee.


According to Hoover’s, Jobbers Meat Packing provides beef processing, portioning, grinding, and exporting services. The company, founded by Evans in 1978, employs about a dozen workers.