After being called in to investigate an “animal health situation” at a meat processing plant in Red Deer, Alberta, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has ruled out a reportable disease such as foot and mouth.

According to Winnipeg Free Press, the Olymel plant was shut down to hog shipments early last week and tests began immediately.

Darcy Fitzgerald, executive director of a pork producers’ group called Alberta Pork, said the investigation was launch after suspicions were raised over a few animals.

Fitzgerald says he is optimistic the testing will conclude Olymel is in the clear, however, he admitted there is some concern about what trading partners might think, but he is confident in the CFIA process.

He said the CFIA is world-renowned for doing its job and that should be comforting for Canada’s trading partners.

Fitzgerald also said hog diseases aren’t as rampant in Canada as they are in other countries.

“Canada’s a pretty great place to raise hogs,” he says. “As far as the producers go, they’re very diligent about what they do when it comes to biosecurity.

“When we do see something that is suspicious, CFIA does go the cautious route.”

The CFIA is expected to release the final test results this week.

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