Three more companies are recalling products for potential Salmonella contamination from Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP). Nestle Professional North America is recalling roughly 6,000 pounds of its ready-to-eat bacon, Procter and Gamble is recalling two Pringles chips flavors: Restaurant Cravers Cheeseburger and Family Faves Taco Night, and Ruiz Foods, Inc., is recalling ready-to-eat beef.

Basic Foods Flavors Inc., the Las Vegas company at the center of a recall of more than 100 different products, recalled its HPV products on March 4. HPV is used as a flavor enhancer in many foods, including various kinds of dips, soups, dressings, snack foods, and more.

Although the HPV was recalled March 4, the Pringles chips and ready-to-eat bacon and beef products were recalled yesterday after FDA determined that the HVP ingredient was added after Salmonella prevention steps were applied.

According to the Wall Street Journal yesterday, FDA conducted an investigation at the Basic Foods plant in Las Vegas after a customer of an FDA-regulated firm reported finding Salmonella in the HVP ingredient.  FDA officials discovered the company did not adequately clean equipment and store foods to protect against the growth of bacteria such as salmonella.

The inspectors noted that “light-brown residue” and “dark-brown liquid” was observed on or around the location where Basic Foods makes flavor-enhancing ingredients, such as HVP, used in foods. Inspectors said brown residue was also found in a plastic pipe used to make food ingredients.

Moreover, the FDA report found that Basic Foods continued to make and distribute food ingredients for about a month after it learned Salmonella was present in its processing facility. Basic Foods first learned of the bacteria’s presence on January 21, and continued production until February 15.

After the inspection, FDA officials recommended companies recall all products that contain HPV made by Basic Foods that tested positive for Salmonella.
To date, no illnesses have been reported related to the recall.

FDA officials said this may be due to the extremely low levels of Salmonella-tainted HPV in a given product, which in most cases is less than 1 percent of all ingredients.

  • Fran, Brooklyn

    Hi, I have been sick all from food poisoning. I am wondering if its possible to get sick from eating a brand of potato chips that does not list HVP in its ingredients…

  • Valarie

    Wondered if their are complaints that match ours in Kissimmee,FL: My daughters 8 & 9 came home suddenly feeling ill. They have had no other symptoms, but stomach cramps & vomiting. They have been eatting a lot of snack food, fresh fruit & restraunt foods while visiting w their father the last 2 days. I immediately thought it must be food poisoning. The stomach complaints & vomiting began within an hour or two of consuming pizza & fresh kiwi. Contacted their father whom consumed these same foods & he also is feeling nautious. (My husband & I did not eat these foods & are not having any sympoms, so I don’t think this is a regular virus.) I am planning to take the girls to Pediatrician to be tested if not well by morning. Most concerned for my almost 8 year old, she has a corn allergy & cannot have most antibiotics & also has a weaker immune system as a result of her allergy. (She is also the one who is vomiting.)