The new children’s series, “Green Apple Tales”, created by Cindy Rice-Andrea, aims to deliver food safety information through its lovable characters, colorful illustrations, and easy to understand principles.  

Food Safety News recently interviewed Rice-Andrea about her children’s food safety series.  In that interview, Rice-Andrea, said her goal in creating this series was to fill the information gap.  “The consumer has a great interest in food safety, but there is a lot of missing information,” she said.  “My goal is to teach children while they’re young, while also teaching their parents at the same time.” 

AllergyBuddyClubcoverjpg.jpgThe Allergy Buddy Club, one book from the Green Apple Tales, has received a lot of praise from parents.  This book discusses the most common types of food allergies children have, and how to live a normal life with them.  It lets kids know they are not alone, and that many people have these same allergies.  Rice-Andrea said this is one of her favorites as well, as the response from parents has been wonderful.

Not only is the Allergy Buddy Club fun to read, but it also teaches children how to check for ingredients on the back of food packages, as well as how to make an allergy card.  Allergy cards allow the characters to safely eat at restaurants by alerting the chef to ingredients they are allergic to.  

In each book the characters enjoy a different type of food, with the recipe for each found at the end of the story.  At the end of the Allergy Buddy Club, information is provided regarding the most common types of food allergies and how children can make sure they don’t consume the foods they are allergic to.

Delilah Washes her Hands is an essential story for children to read.  It teaches handwashing techniques and the importance of handwashing in a fun way, easily understood by children.  It teaches children to do something familiar to them–sing the ABCs–while washing their hands as a way to tell if they have washed long enough.  

delilah-washes-her-hands.jpgAt the end of the story you will find, ‘Washing hands…how and why?’  This page takes the time to explain to children how to prevent illness by washing your hands as well as when to wash your hands.  It stresses the importance of handwashing after using the restroom, before eating meals, and after touching anything unsanitary.  

There has been a tremendous response from both parents and children.  Rice-Andrea said her future plans are to continue educating both children and adults on food safety.