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The Food and Drug Administration is investigating a new outbreak of dozens of infections caused by Salmonella Newport.

As of November 22, the agency reported 40 confirmed patients in the outbreak. The FDA has begun traceback efforts but has not reported what food or foods are being traced.


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The FDA says the outbreak of Salmonella Newport infections linked to three farms in Indiana is over, but the agency has not named the farms.

The melon farms were also linked to at least four previous outbreaks, including one in 2022. Both cantaloupe and watermelon are implicated in this year’s

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Federal public health officials have begun an investigation into an outbreak of Salmonella Thompson infections but have not yet identified a source.

The Food and Drug Administration announced the outbreak yesterday afternoon, saying that 64 people have been confirmed infected so far. The agency did not release any patient information

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Researchers have provided more insight into what is thought to be the first Salmonella outbreak linked to frozen pre-cooked crayfish in dill brine.

In late September 2019, the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) identified a cluster of nine patients with Salmonella Newport infections. By the end of October, there

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