America’s food safety attorney Bill Marler, who by way of proper disclosure is also the publisher of Food Safety News, wants food handlers vaccinated for Hepatitis A.

Fact is Marler has been on something of a campaign or crusade or jihad with health departments and restaurant owners to
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Editor’s note: May is Hepatitis Awareness Month and today is Hepatitis Testing Day. For more information, click here to visit the CDC page.

I am sure the idiom, “you sound like a broken record,” is a bit unfamiliar to those 40 and younger, but it means repeating yourself again
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Vaccinating food service workers will not solve the entire HAV problem — we need a nationwide focus on homelessness and drug use as well.

According to a recent health warning, the CDC reported multiple states across the country have reported outbreaks of hepatitis A (HAV), primarily among people who
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Answer: They are all in Kentucky where a hepatitis A outbreak has been ongoing for months. With 272 people infected with Hepatitis A in Kentucky, restaurants must offer hepatitis A vaccines to employees – its common sense. – Full Report

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