lean finely textured beef (LFTB)


There’s a new ground beef in town. Its proud father is working to make sure folks know it for what it is. Ground beef. The father? Eldon Roth.

As far as I know, Roth didn’t enter the “Twilight Zone” to find his latest progeny. But, a line from Rod Serling’s famous Zone intro describes the context in which it was conceived:

“It lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.”

Roth’s company BPI Inc. is the exclusive producer of the new ground beef. The company uses unique methods and equipment invented by Roth to
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A federal judge has ordered AIG Specialty Insurance Co. into arbitration with The Walt Disney Co. in a dispute about a $25 million liability policy held by the ABC television network, which Disney owns.

Disney wants to tap ABC’s  insurance to partially offset its payout to Dakota Dunes, SD-based Beef Products Inc. (BPI). The payout is part of an out-of-court settlement in a defamation lawsuit BPI filed against the television network’s news division and reporter Jim Avila.

Neither Disney nor BPI disclosed details of the settlement, but Disney’s financial filings with Securities and Exchange Commission show the payout might have
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The jury trial involving the South Dakota Agricultural Food Products Disparagement Act continues today, beginning its fourth week of courtroom action in Elk Point, SD.

Dakota Dunes, SD-based Beef Products Inc. (BPI) is suing Disney-owned ABC Television and reporter Jim Avila under the Disparagement Act for calling its beef product “pink slime” on more than 350 occasions during a 27-day period in 2012.

Under the Disparagement Act, were BPI to prevail, its $1.9 billion claim against ABC could be tripled to a breath-taking $5.7 billion. The overall narrative was known before the trial began on June 5. After Avila and
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logo BPIThe $1.9 billion state civil defamation trial pitting Beef Products  Inc. against Disney-owned ABC Television and reporter Jim Avila enters its third week today in Elk Point, SD. The 12-member jury and four alternates—11 women and five men—have so far heard only the live testimony or video depositions of plaintiff witnesses as BPI puts forward its case.

As it closed out the second week of the trial, BPI’s witness list went from defendant Jim Avila and continued through retired USDA scientist Gerald Zirnstein. Here are some of the highlights:

JIM AVILA — The ABC News reporter and occasional weekend anchor
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On its website beefisbeef.com, BPI has links to several videos showing some of its facilities and describing food safety practices.
On its website beefisbeef.com, BPI has links to several videos showing some of its facilities and describing food safety practices.

Video depositions are being heard during this second week of the $1.9 billion civil defamation trial in Elk Point, SD, that BPI hopes will cause the jury to believe ABC knew the reports it aired about lean finely textured beef being “pink slime” were not truthful.

Beef Products Inc. sued ABC under the South Dakota Food Product Disparagement Act, claiming a series of reports the network’s news division posted between March 7 and April 3, 2012,
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mindybrashears_406x250ELK POINT, SD – Mindy Brashears from Texas Tech University took the witness stand in the BPI v. ABC jury trial Wednesday. Under direct testimony, she was giving BPI a lot of traction, but that could change this morning when ABC’s attorneys get to continue their cross-examination.

Professor Brashears is director of the International Center for Food Industry Excellence at Texas Tech University. She told the jury that BPI’s lean finely textured beef (LFTB) is meat, is beef, is nutritious and is entirely safe to eat.

Her testimony on behalf of BPI was designed to prove that almost everything ABC
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Elk Point population sign credit Dan FlynnELK POINT, SD — Apple growers sued CBS News 28 years ago over just one segment on “60 Minutes” about the chemical Alar that aired on Feb. 26, 1989, and Texas cattlemen sued Oprah 21 years ago because she expressed her fears about Mad Cow Disease during just one of her programs in April 1996. Those were the days when any newspaper or television station sued for libel was quick to tell their journalists to be sure not to repeat “the libel” or the words somebody was claiming as libel.

In the $1.9 billion civil lawsuit that’s now being heard
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