International Journal of Infectious Diseases

Abstracts from a cancelled event have been issued on outbreaks in Brazil, Pakistan and Malaysia.

The conference abstracts were scheduled to be presented at the International Congress on Infectious Diseases in September 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but the gathering was called off because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Studies in
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A Michigan team of researchers has published “Outbreaks of Foodborne Salmonella Enteritidis in The United States 1990-2015: Epidemiologic and Spatial-temporal Trends Analyses” in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases. The 37-page report is posted in the Journal’s February issue.

Results, according to the abstract, “found that egg-based dishes were the
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Three studies have been published describing water and foodborne outbreaks in India and the Philippines.

The articles, in a supplement of the International Journal of Infectious Diseases, involve Salmonella, Hepatitis A and suspected anthrax. They are accepted conference abstracts that were to be presented at the International Congress on Infectious
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Poultry meat remains a major source of Campylobacter infection in New Zealand, according to a study.

Researchers looked at transmission pathways and source attribution for campylobacteriosis in New Zealand. Most patients were infected with strains attributed to a poultry source, and poultry meat consumption was common, while 14 percent were
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Brucellosis has markedly increased in recent years in Germany, according to a study.

Experts from the Robert Koch Institute found unpasteurized milk products were the top identified source of infection and most cases involved foreign travel.

Researchers analyzed demographic, clinical, laboratory and exposure information of symptomatic lab-confirmed brucellosis cases reported
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