The Food and Drug Administration has been getting at least $1 billion annually in recent years, including salaries for at least 4,300 full-time professionals, for food safety and nutrition.

Since the enactment of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in January 2011, FDA has published 33 proposed or final key recommendations, and 111 draft or…

For additional details on the specific IAFP awards and how to nominate companies or individuals, please click on the image.

The International Association for Food Protection has extended the nomination deadline for several annual awards.

The new deadline is March 15 and applies to nominations for:

  • The Black Pearl;
  • Harry Haverland

To quote Willy Wonka: “So shines a good deed in a weary world.”

Lots of people have been bagging on lots of governmental entities for my whole life. Whether they want bigger or smaller government, they all have a lot to say about what’s bad in Washington, D.C. Few of those people mention what’s good.…

I come from a long line of, “Oh, just leave that leftover chicken – or pheasant, or scrambled eggs, or fried potatoes – on the counter. Someone will eat it later.”

And there they’d sit – on a small saucer on the toaster – and people would nibble at them all afternoon and into the…

deli workerCiting growing scientific evidence, specialist glove supplier Eagle Protect has discontinued selling vinyl gloves.

Vinyl gloves, also called PVC gloves, contain a heavy chlorine content. PVC is a widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. The rigid form of PVC is used to make pipes.

California-based Eagle Protect is not alone.  China stopped manufacturing the gloves last…

The NFL playoffs are often a time for gatherings of family and friends for fun and food.

Just as a team cannot be successful unless all the players are on the same page, game-day feasting must follow a food safety playbook to avoid painful penalties. Hosts and guests must buy in to the basic rules…

Two veteran food science and human nutrition experts at Iowa State University are worried about food safety eroding and food waste piling up because of millennials’ demands for “clean food.”

ISU Professors Ruth MacDonald and Ruth Litchfield say the individual choices food manufacturers are making to make “clean label” claims are having negative consequences when…

Halloween celebrations can be a trick or a treat when it comes to food safety. Proper preparation by parents can go a long way for children of all ages who indulge in holiday activities and goodies.

These tips and tricks will help carve out food-safe festivities for party throwers and party goers.

This year’s spooky…

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An unprecedented number of people in the greater Houston area are affected by the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. The storm unleashed monumental destruction across southeast Texas. For individuals

Fall is fast approaching which means the back-to-school buzz is underway for school supplies lists, and grocery lists. Many parents will resume packing lunches for their kids during the week.

When food is left at room temperature in a lunch box or bag all morning, bacteria can grow to dangerous levels putting children and their…