EFTA Surveillance Authority

Monitoring of farmed fish in Norway has revealed low levels of pharmaceuticals and environmental toxins and an audit has found the control system for fish could be improved.

Fish tested for illegal compounds were collected at the farm level by inspectors from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet), without prior

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Iceland’s system on residues and contaminants is good but the time between sampling and test results could be improved, according to an audit by the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) evaluated Iceland’s official controls on residues of veterinary medicinal products, pesticides and contaminants in live
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The majority of seafood products imported into Norway were compliant with food safety rules, according to a new report.

The report summarizes the monitoring program for seafood imported to Norway from countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area in 2020.

Samples were collected at Norwegian border inspection
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