An analysis of a Salmonella control program has found it was cost-effective in Hungary, according to researchers.

The authors conducted a retrospective analysis of the Hungarian Salmonella Control Program (HSCP) for 2007 to 2017 to assess the cost-effectiveness of it as a food safety intervention. Findings were published recently in
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Two veteran food science and human nutrition experts at Iowa State University are worried about food safety eroding and food waste piling up because of millennials’ demands for “clean food.”

ISU Professors Ruth MacDonald and Ruth Litchfield say the individual choices food manufacturers are making to make “clean label” claims
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I’ve been challenged to find some policy planks for the Tea Party that would reduce the cost of federal food safety enforcement without putting the public at (greater) risk.

Here are a few thoughts, drawn from more than three decades of working in food safety.

Consolidate the food safety enforcement

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