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Andy Weisbecker graduated from the University of Washington Law School in 1980 and clerked for two Washington Superior Court judges before he began practicing commercial and tort litigation in Seattle in 1983. Andy is one of the founding partners of Marler Clark, and has been involved in the litigation and resolution of claims brought on behalf of persons injured in food product liability incidents and foodborne illness outbreaks since the firm’s formation in 1998. His law practice is focused on the representation of minor children, and on the presentation and resolution of their personal injury claims.

No one wants the ‘Wedding Bell Blues.’ [1]

My son is getting married in mid-August, and the related preparations are starting to pick up a sense of greater urgency.  I have been instructed not to interfere.  Accordingly, I had a bit of time to follow up on the related morbid
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Recently, while reviewing some documents, I found a Los Angeles Health Department 2005 ACDC Special Report captioned “Please Pass The Bacteria: An Outbreak of Clostridium Perfringens Associated With Catered Thanksgiving Meals”.   I liked the title, and thought I would explore the subject of food safety risks associated with catered meals. 

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