A European project has developed a way to help with the biocontrol of Campylobacter and reduce its prevalence in the poultry sector.

Work focuses on the development of a bacteriophage-based solution to be used as a natural antimicrobial in the farm (pre-harvest), at slaughter, and in processing facilities (post-harvest). Standard
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Bacteriophage_406x250The increasing global attention to the threat of antibiotic resistance has spurred research and development of antimicrobial alternatives. Once such alternative is bacteriophages. Bacteriophages are viruses that infect and kill bacteria. There are thousands of different types and they are so abundant in the environment – an estimated 1030
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Editor’s Note: This article is the continuation of a series on emerging techniques introduced at the Foodborne Pathogen Interventions Symposium in Seattle on April 27. The event was hosted by the Seafood Product Association. Today’s installment focuses on bacteriophages, presented by Dr. Alexander Sulakvelidze of Intralytix™.

The word “virus” usually

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