Photo of Dr. M. Mike Mychajlonka

Dr. M. Mike Mychajlonka arrived (August, 1950) on these shores (actually Ellis Island – where he was processed and issued his Displaced Person card) aboard the troop carrier USS General Hershey as a three-year old World War II refugee. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1968, the same year he won an Undergraduate Research Participation Fellowship from the National Science Foundation to pursue research concerned with certain developmental aspects in bacteria connected with DNA topology. He earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in bacteriology from Syracuse University in 1969 and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in microbiology in 1975 whereupon he undertook post-doctoral research training and then worked as a university professor who subsequently made the switch to pharmaceutical research, becoming a Senior Scientist with Warner- Lambert/Parke-Davis. When financial gamesmanship resulted in the corporate demise of WL/PD and later the wholesale exodus of pharmaceutical research to China, Dr. Mychajlonka worked as a laboratory manager for a food safety company, then as a partner in a food safety laboratory offering analytical services to food manufacturers and now as the owner of a consulting company whose aim is to bring to the food industry the kind of expertise that will allow food companies to comply with FSMA and other regulations without destroying the profits any company must produce in order to thrive and grow.