The European Commission’s health and safety division has published findings from two assessments looking at controls on milk and dairy products in Austria and Slovakia.

A DG Sante audit in January 2023 made seven recommendations in Austria, including attention to raw milk.

Austrian legislation sets conditions for raw milk sold

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An audit in Slovakia found that the current official food control system is only partially effective.

Official controls in the food chain are fragmented, the competencies of supervisory authorities are insufficiently defined, they overlap, and individual agencies’ obligations are not established in law. 

Findings come from an assessment by the

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The European Commission’s health and safety unit has published findings from two assessments looking at controls on fish in Mexico and Belgium.

A DG Sante audit in Mexico in November 2022 assessed the systems covering checks on fishery products exported to Europe.

Auditors found that although the official control system

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Audited councils in an Australian state are not doing enough to protect public health, according to a report.

The Victorian Auditor General’s Office (VAGO) looked at whether agencies are complying with their legal responsibilities for food safety. This included the Department of Health and councils in Casey, Geelong, Hepburn, Kingston

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Controls in EU countries on bivalve mollusks are not always adequate to protect consumer health, according to the European Commission.

Bivalve mollusks include mussels, clams, oysters, and scallops. France, Spain, Italy, and Greece make up more than 80 percent of the production in Europe, mostly from aquaculture.

They feed by

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