A Listeria outbreak that affected more than 50 people was the biggest fish-product-related incident in Germany, according to researchers.

The large listeriosis outbreak with 55 cases affected Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Switzerland during 2020 and 2021. Three people died.

Investigations of food samples identified Listeria monocytogenes from smoked rainbow trout

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Two Salmonella outbreaks were linked to dried sausages produced around the same time by one company in France, according to a study.

The outbreaks affected 44 people who consumed dried pork sausages contaminated by two different types of Salmonella. 

Salmonella Bovismorbificans infected a total of 33 people from September to November 2020

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Researchers have detailed the first widespread Salmonella outbreak linked to backyard poultry in Australia.

Between May and August 2020, an outbreak of Salmonella Typhimurium infection was investigated. In total, 38 cases with an age range of less than 1 to 38 years old and a median age of 5 were reported. Overall, 24

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Bakery products were linked to the most illnesses in 2020, according to an analysis of food poisonings reported to the Swedish Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket).

Food categories behind illnesses included bakery items with 210 cases, chicken with 155 people sick and foods from the sea at 164 cases. Bakery products such
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