By Francine L. Shaw

The usage of Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in the food service industry has gained significant attention due to its effectiveness in combating various pathogens and reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses. In comparison to quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), HOCl offers several advantages that make

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Nemis Technologies AG, a pioneering force in the field of pathogen detection, has unveiled the groundbreaking N-Light™ Salmonella Risk indicator test, marking a significant leap in real-world environmental monitoring in food processing facilities. The study, conducted in collaboration with Łukasz Richter, Product Manager at NEMIS Technologies AG

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By Adriene Cooper, Senior Events Manager, Food Safety Summit

Two brand new certificate courses will be offered at the 2024 Food Safety Summit including Preventive Controls for Human Foods 2.0 presented by the FSPCA and Active Managerial Control for Leaders presented by the Association for Food and Drug Officials (AFDO). 

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By Davis W. Cheng, Ph. D.

The terms “Contagious Disease,” “Infectious Disease,” and “Communicable Disease” are related concepts and often used interchangeably, but there are distinctions in their meanings and subtle differences in emphasis. 

“Contagious Disease” specifically highlights diseases easily transmitted from person to person. Contagious diseases

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By Julie Chapon, Co-founder and CEO of Yuka 

Food safety regulations remain a critical concern globally, particularly as consumers become increasingly conscious and concerned about the ingredients present in the products they consume. An obvious discrepancy exists between food regulations in the United States and those in

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By Ben Chapman and Don Schaffner

We spend a lot of time talking about food safety risks to various stakeholders, including consumers. As co-hosts of “Risky or Not”, we know food safety issues are rarely that simple, although we do our best. Explaining complexities, putting risk into context

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