Retired food safety microbiologist Phyllis Entis has announced the official launch of her new book, “TOXIC: From Factory to Food Bowl, Pet Food Is a Risky Business.” 

The book delves into the practices behind the scenes of the pet food industry. Entis emphasizes the importance of pet owners educating themselves about the manufacturing processes of raw, canned, and kibbled pet foods. She warns that the reality behind the appealing packaging and enticing advertising can be shocking and disillusioning.

Entis has a personal passion for pets as she shares her home with an Australian Cobberdog named Rutlands Shalom, who thrives on a home-cooked diet prepared by Entis herself.

Former global pathogen product manager George Nagle described “TOXIC” as a fantastic companion to Entis’s previous book, “Tainted.” Other reviewers expressed similar sentiments, highlighting the book’s meticulous insight and ability to hold those responsible accountable.

To provide a glimpse into the book, Entis shares an excerpt from Chapter 9, titled “Pentobarbital’s Pervasive Presence.” The excerpt recounts the story of Mark Johnson, a California cattleman whose dogs fell ill and ultimately died after consuming Gravy Train canned dog food. The tragic incident serves as a stark example of the risks associated with certain pet food products, she says.

“TOXIC” is available in digital format from major ebook retailers and can be purchased in paperback on Amazon.

About Entis: Phyllis Entis, a retired food safety microbiologist, is no stranger to writing. In addition to her work in the field, she has established herself as a mystery writer, known for the Damien Dickens Mysteries series. Her debut novel, “The Green Pearl Caper,” was selected as a Library Journal SELF-e Selection, showcasing her storytelling abilities.

“TOXIC” draws from a variety of sources, including interviews with pet owners, public records, published articles, and FDA inspection reports.

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