Founded in 1971, the Center for Science in the Public Interest is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year.

It is perhaps the oldest independent, science-based consumer advocacy organization with a record of accomplishments and a clear and ambitious agenda for improving the food system. The organization does not take funding from government or industry.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, among other activities, CSPI is policing the marketplace and urging regulators to crack down on supplement manufacturers and others who would try to exploit the pandemic for profit.

CSPI provides practical, science-based advice to consumers interested in nutrition, food safety, and health, and leads advocacy for a healthier food environment in communities nationwide.

CSPI’s funding comes from the hundreds of thousands of subscribers to its award-winning Nutrition Action Healthletter — which has never accepted advertising — and from foundations and individual donors who support policies that protect the environment and public health. CSPI takes no corporate or government donations.

Here is a video further describing the organization’s activities.

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