The Partnership for Food Safety Education, Fight BAC!, is looking for abstracts for the national consumer food safety education conference. Abstract submissions will be accepted through Oct. 14 2020.

The 2021 virtual conference is titled “Now You Have my Attention: Hand Hygiene and Food Safety Education for Everyone.”

The national consumer food safety education program brings together federal partners, the latest research, and the outreach programming of “BAC Fighters,” an active network of 13,000 health and food safety educators who work to fight bacteria. This conference is dedicated to consumer food safety education.

The Partnership is accepting abstracts that fit into two different themes:

  1. The Partnership is accepting abstracts relating to two principal themes: Cutting Through Clutter: What’s working to engage consumers?

This category focuses on fresh, new and effective ways to advance safe food handling awareness and behavior.

  1. Safe Food Handling in Today’s Food Landscape: How does today’s food landscape affect consumer food safety and awareness of risk?

This category concerns food safety education in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and other emerging food and consumer trends and issues.

They are also accepting posters on Food Safety Education Program Successes that engage with consumers and promote food safety in the age of COVID-19. Or, posters promoting home food safety and hygiene, as Americans are cooking at home more now than ever, which means that food safety and hand hygiene need to be a priority.

The submission form can be found here.

Those who submit will be contacted regarding their submission on or before Nov. 11, 2020.

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