IAFP European Symposium call for abstracts

The International Association for Food Protection is currently accepting abstracts for two conferences. The first is for IAFP’s European Symposium on Food Safety Apr. 7-9, 2020 in Munich, Germany. The deadline for abstract submissions is Jan. 14, 2020. Abstracts are required to report on results of new studies dealing with causes and control of foodborne illness, control of contamination, tracking of foodborne pathogens, or other pertinent food safety subjects.

IAFP’s European Symposium is a conference that provides a forum for food safety experts in the industry, government and academia across Europe. The Symposium provides a chance to learn about the latest in food science and safety.

IAFP Annual Meeting call for abstracts

The second conference accepting abstracts is IAFP’s Annual meeting Aug. 2-5, 2020, in Cleveland. The deadline for abstract submissions is Jan. 14, 2020. Abstracts must report on the results of original scientific research, educational subject matter, or case studies and literature reviews dealing with food protection.

IAFP’s Annual Meeting is attended by the top academic, government and industry food safety professionals. Experts speak on diverse topics, including the latest in food safety technology. At IAFP’s Annual Meeting students and professionals who have contributed exceptional work are provided with awards and scholarships.

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