AnnaSea Wasabi Ahi Poke Hawaiian Poke Kits and Limu Ahi Poke Hawaiian Poke Kits are being recalled from some Aldi stores in North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia because they were stored at incorrect temperatures.

The poke kits are required to be held at freezing temperatures to ensure safety, however, the Aldi stores displayed and sold the products from their cooler sections. Because they were stored at temperatures above freezing prior to consumption, the poke kits were rendered unsafe for consumption, according to a recall notice.

The recall notice says Aldi has removed all of the affected AnnaSeaPoke Kits from store shelves, and is not currently selling these items. However, Aldi is urging customers to discard any implicated items they have purchased, or return them to their nearest Aldi store for a full refund.

Aldi reports it has removed all affected products from store shelves in North Carolina, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia, and is not currently selling AnnaSea Poke Kits with the following label information:

  • Wasabi Ahi Hawaiian Poke Kit and Limu Ahi Poke Kit with the UPC number “99221 0010”;
  • Limu Ahi Hawaiian Poke Kit, UPC number “99221 00109”; and
  • Best by dates of “5/23/2020”, “6/11/2020”, “6/12/2020”, and “6/14/2020”.

The retail location in North Carolina where the products were displayed and sold at incorrect temperatures is at 110 Duncan Hill Road, Hendersonville, NC.

The retail locations in Ohio where the products were displayed and sold at incorrect temperatures are at 2725 Maret St. NE in Canton and at 4664 Sawmill Road in Columbus.

The retail locations in Maryland and Virginia where the products were displayed and sold at incorrect temperatures are reported as:

  • 8256 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA
  • 6301 Marlboro Pike, District Heights, MD
  • 1312 Business Center Way, Edgewood, MD
  • 3250 East Fayette St., Baltimore, MD
  • 7500 Albert Rd., Brandywine, MD
  • 20904 Frederick Road, Germantown, MD

According to the recall notice, any AnnaSea Poke Kits purchased from the freezer section at any other Aldi location in North Carolina, Ohio, Virgina, or Maryland are not part of this recall and are considered safe for consumption.

To date, no illnesses related to this product have been reported. Consumers with questions can contact Aldi at 1-800-325-7894.

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