Researchers at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Italy have designed a food-grade device from edible materials that indicates whether a frozen product has been thawed and refrozen.

The researchers’ work, titled “Self-Powered Edible Defrosting Sensor” was published in ACS Sensors, by Ivan Ilic, Mario Caironi, and their colleagues.

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Food safety could suffer as part of the problems caused by rising energy prices, according to several European and British industry groups.

Freshfel, the European Fresh Produce Association, warned that product freshness, quality, and safety may be at risk without proper temperature-controlled storage and microbiological contamination will be heightened if cold chains are cut.


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Researchers at the University of California-Davis have developed a new type of cooling cube with the potential, they say, to transform how cold storage is done.

The benefits of plastic-free, “jelly ice cubes” are that they do not melt, are compostable and antimicrobial, and can help prevent cross-contamination.

It can
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PHOENIX — One topic flowed as an undercurrent this afternoon even though it wasn’t on the session agenda for a group of panelists at the 2021 Conference of the International Association for Food Protection.

Economics kept coming up as the panel discussed “Diversity in Food Culture from Sushi to Steak
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