An Alabama caterer whose food sickened at least two out of every three guests at a November wedding reception has surrendered his food service permit to state authorities.

catered banquet place settingDarvin McDaniel, operator of Indelible Catering of Moulton, had already been effectively put out of business when Scott Harris, assistant state health officer, issued an emergency order to suspend the caterer’s permit in mid-November 2016.

Alabama public health officials reported at least 99 people out of 150 who attended the wedding reception in Colbert County were confirmed with Salmonella infections. Of those 99 people, 22 had symptoms so severe that they required hospitalization.

The state health department laboratory found Salmonella enteriditis in cooked chicken and green beans that McDaniel’s Indelible Catering prepared and served to the wedding guests.

The November 2016 outbreak was not the first associated with Indelible Catering.

The catering firm provided food for a luncheon in 2014 in Decatur, AL, after which at least 19 people reported becoming ill. One of them died. Several of those sickened were later confirmed as having E. coli and Salmonella infections. However, none of the food prepared for that 2014 luncheon by Indelible Catering was ever definitively linked to the reported illnesses.

Harris said the November 2016 outbreak should be a reminder to people to do their homework before hiring caterers.

“Make sure the caterer you hire for any event has a permit from the health department,” Harris said in a news release posted Thursday by the Alabama health department.

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