The suspect police arrested  for  a series of incidents involving tampering with self service food bars in South Lake Tahoe remains in custody charged with a felony.

In the county lockup  is 43-year old Harry Dally, who was detained after police released store surveillance video showing a man who is believed to have doused act least two self service food bars with a substance thought to have caused multiple cases of food poisoning.

Raley's food tampering photoPolice are waiting for the return of laboratory reports, which will identify the chemical substance being used by the suspect to adulterate food bars in the South Lake Tahoe shopping mall. His arrest came after food tampering was reported by the Baht Fresh Mexican Grill. The food bar at Raley’s, a grocery store in the same mall, was also tampered with on at least three occasions over the two previous weeks.

A 12-year old boy , who dined at the restaurant, was hospitalized with food poisoning symptoms. He has since been released.

The Lake Tahoe food tampering incidents are very similar to crimes committed in Ann Arbor, MI earlier this year when a 29-year old man with a history of mental illness was detained by the FBI for intentionally poisoning food. That suspect was spraying mouse poison on fresh produce and food bars.

Kyle Andrew Bressemer of Ann Arbor was charged in Michigan’s 15th District Court with two counts of of food poisoning causing property damage and two counts of poisoning drink, medicine or water supply.

According to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office,  Dally is being charged with the intentional poisoning of food, which is a felony, and he is being held in lieu of a $300,000 bond. El Dorado Jail records also show there is also a hold on Dally for a $7,500 bond for violation of probation.  He was booked in the jail on Nov. 22.

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