313Ml-dThdLComing after problems surfaced with its snack bars, supplement maker Soylent Friday announced a halt to sales of its formula 1.6 Soylent Powder saying the meal replacement substance need to be reformulated to remove suspect ingredients that are common to both products. Soylent snack bars were subjected to a recall after some consumers began reporting symptoms of foodborne illness after eating the bars.

In a statement on the company’s blog, Soylent said the problem only involved “a handful of customers” had reported “stomach-related symptoms” after consuming Powder 1.6, which is consistent with reports from snack bar consumers. A Powder 1.5 version resulted in now complaints. Tests were negative for food pathogens, toxins and outside contamination, suggesting the focus is on food intolerances or allergens.

Soylent says less than 0.1 percent of its Powder 1.6 consumers reported “stomach-related” symptoms, about the same amount who complained about the snack bars. There has reportedly not been any complaints about its other products. The company has not identified the common ingredients between the snack bars and the Powder 16. It halted sales of the powder in order to “err or the side of caution.”

Both products involve a long list of ingredients with soy protein isolate, canola oil, Isomaltooligosaccharide and assorted salts and vitamins as common to both.

A return to the market by the two products being subjected to reformulation is expected by the first quarter of 2017.  A 3-year old venture, Soylent arrived on the scene with $22.3 million from investors.