313Ml-dThdLComing after problems surfaced with its snack bars, supplement maker Soylent Friday announced a halt to sales of its formula 1.6 Soylent Powder saying the meal replacement substance need to be reformulated to remove suspect ingredients that are common to both products. Soylent snack bars were subjected to a recall after some consumers began reporting symptoms of foodborne illness after eating the bars.

In a statement on the company’s blog, Soylent said the problem only involved “a handful of customers” had reported “stomach-related symptoms” after consuming Powder 1.6, which is consistent with reports from snack bar consumers. A Powder 1.5
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When the recall alert for Soylent brand “Food Bars” hit my email a couple of days ago I would have thought it was a colleague pulling my leg but for the standard coding and language from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

beach-beatThe thought of the name Soylent applied to an “engineered food” designed to “expand access to quality nutrition through food system innovation” and “produced efficiently in bioreactors, rather than on farmland” gave me a giggle. It reminded me of what I consider to be Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson’s best movie.

Thanks, by the way to
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With dozens of consumers complaining online about classic food poisoning symptoms after eating Soylent Food Bars, Canadian officials announced a recall of the meal replacement product late today.

Rosa Foods Inc. of Los Angeles just started marketing the Soylent brand nutrition supplement bars in August, with the first shipments going to consumers via Internet sales beginning in September.

Arecalled Soylent Food Bar-individuallmost immediately consumers began posting reports of intense vomiting and diarrhea, according to the tech news website Gizmodo. Soylent officials said the bars — primarily made of soy protein and algae flour according to the company’s website — are manufactured at
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