UPDATED CONTENT: Comment from Nestlé Canada Infants consuming recalled Good Start 2 concentrated liquid formula from Nestlé Canada Inc. are at risk of missing key nutrients because of a problem with the minerals in the product. recalled infant formula Some illnesses have been reported in infants who consumed products from the four recalled batches of formula, but those illnesses have not been confirmed as having been caused by the product, a spokesman for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said Monday. The infant formula was distributed to retailers nationwide, according to the CFIA, which reported consumer complaints triggered the recall. “Check to see if you have the recalled product in your home. Recalled products should be thrown out,” the CFIA recommends. “Consumption of the affected product could lead to lower intake of some nutrients, due to reduced bioavailability.” Bioavailability refers to how well the body can absorb components in foods and medications. Nestlé Canada officials sent an unsigned email response to requests for additional details about the possible impact consumption of the recalled infant formula might have on babies. “Regarding the illnesses, we cannot be more precise as the reported illnesses have not been confirmed to be caused by consumption of the affected product. This recall was triggered by consumer complaints,” the unsigned email said. “We have identified the root cause at manufacturing level. It is an isolated incident limited to the four batches recalled.” In a statement on the Nestlé Canada website the company states the recall is because of “a quality issue.” “The minerals in the formula may separate over time and appear as black particles in the concentrate. Consumption of the affected product could lead to lower intake of some nutrients, due to reduced bioavailability.” The company is contacting customers who received Nestlé Good Start 2 Concentrate 359 ml Tetra Box with Omega with the affected batch codes and arranging for all products to be returned, according to the Nestlé website. All of the recalled batches carry the brand and product name “Good Start 2” and “Iron Fortified Milk-based Infant Formula” and are packaged in 359 mL tetra boxes. The four recalled batches have the following code numbers and expiration dates: recalled-individual-Nestle-Good-Start-2-infant-formula

  • 512857211A Exp : 2016 MA 07
  • 512957211A Exp : 2016 MA 08
  • 512957212A Exp : 2016 MA 08
  • 513057211A Exp : 2016 MA 09

The formula is packaged in 12-box cases that have the UPC number 0 65000 49277 4. The individual tetra boxes carry the UPC number 0 65000 49285 9. Consumers should contact Nestlé Consumer Services, Monday through Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST at 855-395-1238 for refunds and then dispose of the product.   (To sign up for a free subscription to Food Safety News, click here.)