FDA WarningThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contacted two dairies, two seafood processors, and one animal feed processor in its latest round of warning letters to food producers. Shur-Green Farms LLC of Ansonia, OH, was cited for selling adulterated and misbranded animal feed. The farm had misrepresented shipments of Lascadoil — a waste byproduct for fuel use — as “soy oil” to farming customers, FDA stated. Two dairies had issues with illegal drug residues in cattle sold for slaughter. GMC Dairy Farms of Corcoran, CA, sold one cow with almost five times the legal limit of of desfuroylceftiofur in its tissues, as well as another animal with tissues containing an excess of oxytetracycline, according to FDA’s letter. Zylstra Dairy Farms of Friedens, PA, sold a cow for slaughter with more than twice the acceptable level of flunixin, according to FDA. In the case of both GMC and Zylstra Dairy Farms, FDA stated that animals were held in conditions so inadequate that medicated animals bearing potentially harmful drug residues were likely to enter the food supply. Two seafood firms were cited for problems related to seafood Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations. FDA found that Bridge Foods Inc. of New Orleans, LA, did not have a critical control point plan in place for its dried smoked catfish. T & L Trading Inc. of Montebello, CA, received a warning about their king crab and halibut, for which FDA stated the firm did not have specifications to ensure that the products are not injurious to health and were not processed under insanitary conditions. The firm has also not implemented an affirmative step in accordance with seafood HACCP regulation, FDA stated. In each letter, FDA requested that the companies provide written responses detailing steps taken to bring the facilities into compliance with food-safety laws and regulations, to correct violations cited in the letters, and to prevent their recurrence. Recipients of these warning letters have 15 working days from receipt to outline specific steps they have taken to come into compliance with the law.