UPDATE: We learned on Monday morning that system maintenance work impacting Food Safety News has been postponed to Feb. 19-22. This means we will be publishing as normal this coming President’s Day weekend. The article below has been edited to include the rescheduled dates. Food Safety News takes its place in cyberspace through the services of WordPress platforms built and maintained by Seattle-based LexBlog, which provides digital media services targeted mainly to the legal community. We are well into the sixth year of this relationship with nary a hiccup for our readers — not even once where our servers were attacked or some such thing. Technical work has been done in short spurts, so our ability to file stories 24/7 has never been impacted. Until now. LexBlog is marking its 10th anniversary with a system-wide update to the platforms and servers for all the news sites, blogs, and social media sites it serves. This work is scheduled to occur from Thursday, Feb. 19, through Sunday, Feb. 22. It means that we will not be able to post new material after 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Thursday, Feb. 19 (that’s 11 p.m. Eastern). And we will not be able to get back on the system to post new content until at least 8 p.m. PST (11 p.m. Eastern) on Sunday, Feb. 22. You will be able to access Food Safety News as usual during this time, but please understand there will be no new content posted until this maintenance work is successfully completed. We expect some limited new content will begin appearing on Sunday evening, Feb. 22. After that, we should resume normal operations. If we get any further news on this “maintenance window,” we will let you know. Our managing editor, Cathy Siegner, tells me that LexBlog is making improvements that will definitely benefit Food Safety News. Without getting too far into the techie weeds, we are looking forward to improvements in posting and editing functions, better search functions, and easier-to-read and more responsive dashboards that we work from. Again, what this means is that, after Thursday evening, Feb. 22, there will not be any new content posted on Food Safety News until at least Sunday evening, Feb, 22. We should be back to normal posting and publishing on Monday, Feb. 23. For those of you who get a RSS email with new postings from us, there may be a break in that schedule as well. If this scheduled break for a system update leaves you looking for something else to read, we suggest the new LexBlog Network, or LXBN, a network of 60,000 posts from 8,000 professional authors who are also served by LexBlog. Kevin O’Keefe, the founder of Lexblog, recently rolled out LXBN to mark his company’s 10th birthday. So that’s the deal. Give us up for most of a three-day weekend, and, in exchange, we all get more speed, security, and stability.