For two weeks this past March, an audit team from USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) was all over the People’s Republic of China’s poultry-processing system. Their task was to determine if China’s processing “remains equivalent to that of the United States, with the ability to produce products that are safe, wholesome, unadulterated, and properly labeled.” The conclusion, based on corrective actions the Chinese took in response to the last audit in 2010, was that China’s General Administration for Quality and Safety Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) passed the test — its regulation of poultry production is up to USDA standards. This means that four poultry processors in China will be able to ship cooked poultry products to the U.S. The chickens will have to originate here, but it also might be the first step toward the day when birds raised and slaughtered in China could fill dinner plates in the U.S. Like its other foreign audits, the FSIS investigation of China’s poultry-processing plants was exhaustive. It included government oversight, statutory authority and regulations, sanitation practices, hazard analysis and critical control point planning, chemical residue programs and microbiological testings. In each area, FSIS requires the foreign government reach a standard that is at least equivalent to USDA standards. In China, the two-week audit began and ended in Beijing, but focused on four poultry-processing establishments: Qingdao 9-Alliance Group, Ltd.; Zhucheng Waimao Co., Ltd., Weifang Legang Food Co., Ltd, and Zhong AO Holdings Co., Ltd. All four establishments were investigated based on provisions of both U.S. and Chinese food-safety law. China first requested U.S. inspection in 2004, and while it was added to the U.S. list of countries for which export of processed poultry was allowed in 2006, restrictions were imposed because China was not free of highly pathogenic Avian flu and exotic Newcastle Disease. Since 2010, however, China has taken corrective actions and sought a re-examination by the U.S. FSIS then found the inspection system in the People’s Republic “meets the requirement for this equivalence component.”

  • Carlo Silvestr

    Given China’s less than stellar record on safety in general and food safety in particular and their seeming penchant for making cosmetic changes rather than changing anything substantial, I wonder if this is another flim-flam just to open up a market for China without any real regard for food safety.

  • Oginikwe

    We need this like we need chopsticks stuck in our eyes.

    • A patriot

      Amen to that!

  • GilbertDavis

    I will never eat a food product from China . Their Government allows too much cheating and unfair practices with The USA. When they allow freedom of Worship and religious and political freedom , then maybe I and millions will reconsider buying and consuming any of their food products .

    • Elle Bee

      You can rest assured that our USA government is in on this cheating and in deep. This is nothing but ‘legal crime’ again and again. As the Chinese man in one video states, “here in China, we are all trying to out-swindle each other.” Secularism, Corporatism, and Communism. This is what dumb Americans idealize. This is it. It’s happened.

  • msps

    Eeew! How could we be getting fresh chicken if as it appears it’s shipped to China for preparation and then shipped back to the US? Plus, I have no faith in any Chinese safety processes and procedures regardless of what the FSIS found. There is plenty of evidence that China cares little for human food safety. Just because they showed appropriate care on a visit they no doubt had plenty of notice was to occur does not mean that their everyday processes would continue to be sufficient, even if one got past the disgusting non-freshness. Hope there’s a resource to identify chickens processed in China so I can avoid it.

  • Za Ch

    Most of the honey we allow China to export over here isn’t actually honey and the USDA has been sleeping on that front for years. Anyone who eats chicken processed in China is obviously a very smart individual for trusting that the USDA is actually doing its job.

  • Kathy Heinisch

    It’s so asinine for USA to ship chicken to China to have it processed and shipped back to USA..and even worse the well traveled chicken most will likely be used in “prepared” foods, that require no country of origin info., just flippin great.. Have we already forgotten about the lead in baby & pet toys, tainted dog treats, unacceptable levels of Cadmium in junky jewelry targeted towards children..oh, and the flip flops that caused sever blistering on the feet of consumers that purchased them..which producers will be exporting their chicken to china and which corporations are going to import it back..or is that top secret???

    • Oginikwe

      Look at the frozen fish in the case: pollack is Alaskan caught but processed in China.
      I quit buying fish and have started catching my own.

    • A patriot

      We ,the people, haven’t forgotten. However the half-wits in Washington, who I suspect must be eating raw pork because they obviously have holes in their brains are guilty of not giving a s–t about anyone’s safety except their own. Just like they don’t give a damn about whether you have a job or not. As long as they have one. They are playing millionaire on your 50 cent piece. That’s about all you have left after they send all the jobs over to their “compadres ” in China. Even Del Monte gets their Mandarin oranges from China. What? We don’t have mandarin oranges here? The hell you say! If at all possible quit buying Chinese crap. And vote the twits in Washington Out!

  • kg

    We can’t even feed dog food from China to our pets. Give me a break.

    • Elle Bee

      As I stated, this is more legal crime from our own government. Period.

    • Big Ben

      You are 100% correct it’s is freaking crazy but this is what happens when you allow yourself to be so indebted to a country that you have to pull your pants down and allow yourself to be sc&@# in the a@& with the people of this country left to bear the consequence of poor government

  • McRayRay

    Would you please clarify what labeling will be required in the US, and whether the product would be a retail product or institutional product (such as… school lunches?).

    • Skull52

      That is the problem the processed chicken does not have be be labeled as being processed in China, so it will be almost impossible to know, the only viable option is hit the companies financially by a full on boycott of the product and by bring this to public attention by disseminating this through all and any means available, as of yet I have not seen this in any of the main stream media I found out from my Son. I watch the news nightly and read the paper daily and have seen nothing. BTW; I don’t believe this effects organic chicken. It is processed chicken,(Nuggets, Patties, Chicken Soups, Etc) and therefore will undoubtedly end up in School lunches.

  • Priscilla Lane

    We again are being taken over by a foreign country. Why do we have to ship or import every stinking thing, Our steel mills have be taken, now we get it from where, china. We are sending our horses over seas, because the greedy AQHA is over breeding. but we have been fighting to get jobs here. You can’t even call and talk to an American. What the hell is gong wrong with our country. You can’t find a damn thing that is really made in America, good old USA. Even our Hersey’s chocolate is imported from Mexico. Our government is no help in protection of our animals, our children our food. We have Fracking,Monsanto, the very 2 that are killing us. You name it. Look at how much destruction they are dong to our country. The few who try to do the proper thing, in the political offices, are over looked & run over. Our country is run like corporate ion, not what the people want.

    • marinomike987

      It’s call GREED. It seems that many C.E.O.’s and board members of many companies do not care what happens to their employees, many of them have worked for generations for the same companies, find themselves without a job so the few at the very top can squeeze a few extra dollars to put in their pockets, even though they are already very wealthy and forgot or no longer care about all the time and sweat their Forefathers and the workers put into building companies or do they care how all this effects and hurts our economy. Many of these people go around claiming to be Patriots of America when in fact they are very much the opposite.

    • RockfordJohn

      Obama is what’s wroing.

  • Anon

    I for one will not buy any.

  • Hydroman

    Did USDA do a environmental assessment before making this absurd decision? Think of the global carbon footprint shipping the chicken to China, then back. The loss of US jobs (already 7.3% as of today unemployment, this will rise as fewer Americans will be processing chicken). The concerns about food safety (the chinese passed 1 inspection and won’t get checked on again for another year). If this was undersecretary Haagen’s decision, she should be fired. Secretary Vilsack should be dismissed for allowing it as well.

  • Margaret Manzi

    None of this chicken will be my dinner table.

    • MargaretEDavis

      That’s the problem the law provides an opt out that the chicken does not have to have a label saying processed in China ..we won’t know. I think Tyson is the only company that wlll process their product from the coop to the table. And I will never ever eat a Smithfield product again.

  • Mavis Brunswick

    I have a hard time eating stuff from here let alone China..

  • James E. Madison

    What happens when we are no longer able to feed our selves, what will we become then?

    • Oginikwe

      Can you imagine if China decided to have a trade embargo against us?

      • Elle Bee

        This could happen, as they are hopping on board w/ the EU to force sanctions against the US for spying. Check your friends in the EU. Our media won’t report this yet.

  • Gregg Jungers

    This will lead to a lot of illness. The idea of shipping
    chickens from the US to China for processing is beyond backwards.

    How miles will be that on the product? How can this be assured to be safe?

    China has a horrible track record for corruption. Just the
    other day they had caught a Beef Processer selling Pork masked with chemicals
    etc. to mimic Beef!

    The USFDA has just allowed process lines in the US to speed
    up and have cut Federal Inspectors. There is no way we can even assure our own
    products are safe.

    It will not be safe, folks will get sick and die. Grand

    Know your Farmer

    • Elle Bee

      Just in time for the ACA, *whew*

    • A patriot

      Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason they don’t care how many people get sick and die is because that’s their idea for population control?

  • Gardener for life

    This is disgusting. I am so sick of how our country feels the need to send our food somewhere else before we can have it. The amount of travel time will guarantee a whole hell of a lot more preservatives for sure. And how the heck can they be so sure that China doesn’t swap our chicken for theirs and send us theirs instead. My kids quit eating school foods years ago. Never again. Unfortunately we don’t have enough people willing to stand up and say NO MORE! So they will continue to screw with all the food. All to save a buck and poison the masses while they are at it. Kill 2 birds with one stone, No pun intended.

  • Simpledakota

    Too many rules in the United state of America… no one can do anything here. Ranchers are getting fewer and fewer.. we will be importing all our food.. and will have no say on how it’s produced.

  • Chriss Martorelli

    I have one question. Why?

    Doesn’t make sense to me. Can’t be cost effective to send out to China, have them process and then send back. What is the reason? And we won’t be aware of it because China does not appear on the label! My country is so letting me down.

  • Roger A.

    We should pick our representatives who are independent, working towards prosperity to USA alone. We should not vote for parties (Republican or Democratic). They are into the congress equally corrupt, raising funds with the aim of getting into congress or senate.

  • Loi Nguyen

    Profits before their national prides. I think we had problems before with baby foods. I will be happy to know which companies importing foods from China so I won’t buy their products for human and animal consumptions. When there are a lot of people who are unemployment why we have to import food from China ? Is it FREE ? or we have to buy their foods with credits. Even though it’s free I would take because my life is on the line. Please America don’t accept this is the only way we will survive.

  • giveandtake

    They have hired 16,000 IRS agents to make sure that we all have health insurance and if we don’t they will fine us. Then we have the First Lady telling us we are over weight and we must eat healthier and excercise more. Now we hear our chickens in the U.S. will be shipped to 4 plants in China to be processed, cooked and then sent back to the U.S to be put in soups, pot pies and many other products. Why when they have such a serious track record on food safety, paints, baby formulas, dog and cat foods are we doing this. I read where soon we will be getting just their chicken, ham and meats. This will not provide healthier foods for consumption. They said they carefully investigated their plants before this approval. Have they full time American Inspectors in their plants in China at all times. Are they going to require labeling once they begin to send us their chicken. Why won’t they also allow labeling of GMO’S which Doctors are beginning to be concerned about eating them because it is causing intestinal bleeding. If our First Lady is concerned about our health then why doesn’t she do something about this.

  • confusion

    Progressive government would solve many of these issues..

  • Mind boggled

    You sold out the American people. The founding fathers will roll over in their graves. Big business wins again and the American worker takes it up the ass. The decline of America sold out by the congress the senate and now the White House.

  • originalhandy

    Sweet, send the chinese our chicken so they can baste it in lead based batter and sell it back to us so we can all die.

  • Chow dog

    Have we overlooked the major reason our government is loosing trade restrictions with China?
    It works like this… raise the debt ceiling to keep the status quo. Then borrow the money from China. Does any one think that China is going to lend the money just for the interest they charge? Sorry folks, it also comes with negotiated trade agreements. So expect our government to give you glossy stories about protecting your food safety. they will continue to allow imports from china without concern of our own industries as long as China will feed them the cash they need.

  • vonnise

    “”Like its other foreign audits, the FSIS investigation of China’s poultry-processing plants was exhaustive. It included government oversight, statutory authority and regulations, sanitation practices, hazard analysis and critical control point planning, chemical residue programs and microbiological testings.””
    …and how much money China paid them to ‘look the other way’. (They forgot to mention that!)

  • svfoxhotmail

    Do you really trust the usda? Do you really trust china? Will you eat chickcen anymore. When the usda has to prevent companies from labeling? Really Really??
    The usda has no power ever until this it seems. All I hear is our hands at the usda are tied. Except now with china they have ultimate power in telling companies how to label?

    • rhondajo3

      Obama admin is behind this. The New World Order wants to pare down our population to 500 mil. This would help!

      • svfoxhotmail

        haha yes

  • again

    The Chinese said they would kill us from within.

  • again

    We should just quit buying food that has touched China. In a couple of months retailers will get the message that we want food from and of America. We used to be reasonably sure our food wouldn’t kill us.

  • fyou

    so we raise the chickens here and then cook them send them to china for processing so that they can send it back to us? Who’s the f&*(ing genius who thought of this?

  • fyou

    someone needs to find out EACH AND EVERY company that buys and uses the chicken from them, place it on a list that is posted to and any other site like reddit where we can all boycott the $h!t out of them.

  • Lea Little

    Name the Companies involved or don’t bother to write about it. Are you telling me that no one in the US will work in a processing plant any longer. If you are out of work, you should be willing to take any kind of job.

  • Helen Forrest

    I refuse to eat ANYTHING from China!!!!!

  • marinomike987

    This is outrageous!! There is no way China meets our standards when it comes to food processing. We are talking about the same Country that used led based paint on children’s toy’s and shipped them here. Is this the same group that passed and gave the go-a-head for those toy’s that passed their chicken processing? Not only are they endangering the American people, but also once again more jobs are lost to here due to companies doing this. Is there any American pride left? How soon before we depend on them for our meat products? What’s next, shall we have them build our defense weapons, why not, they still it anyway!! Let’s just make it easier for them and this way they won’t have to do another cyber attack on us…. Did our government forget that already? I guess that old saying is true ” We’ll have the fox guard the chicken coop “.

  • Sue

    I won’t be eating any of it. If it isn’t labeled grown and packaged in USA, put it back.

  • NMx

    I’d rather eat American dog excrement…. This seiged government will do anything to send American jobs overseas… x’s how many does this increase the chance of illness from this food – prions in bad meat cause alzheimers/parkinsons and who knows it might play a part in als also… gee…since they’ve been importing meat from Mexico and elsewhere – the rates of these disease has shot thru the roof – but no one is asking why…

  • ITALIAN926 .

    You need to be voting Democrat, yes DEMOCRAT in ’16 , for Bernie Sanders.

  • Janice Watson Poulnott

    Chickens are tormented here in the U.S before they kill them. Can you imagine how they would be treated in China. Poison in Baby formula several years ago, crayons, children’s toys and now we’re going to buy chicken from them. I won’t even buy dog food or chews from China.

  • Joeann Parziale

    There goes more job loses from Tyson, Perdue, Hillshire Farms, Jimmy Dean Sausage and Ballpark Franks. All the Dollars stores here sell toxic products from China and our country gives everything to the immigrants when they’re allowed in our country that we fight to have and can’t get. We need to take back our country and start up our industry again, well guess what, that won’t happen and in the NEAR FUTURE there isn’t gonna be no more Social Security!!! Do you really think we can all GET TOGETHER AND BOYCOTT THIS STUFF cause that’s what we need and all I see is people turning their heads and looking the other way like nothing is happening!!! It’s got to start somewhere and quick!!!

  • 1 Fed Up American

    A National Boycott of Tyson and Smithfield Food to start just don’t buy any of there products. Next as individual contact your local supermarket buying office and ask to speak to meat buyer then tell him to stop buying from these companies and get your neighbors to do the same. Unions should get on the band wagon but you don’t hear a damn them from them on a National or local bases.

  • debbiesherman2010

    Disgusting wrong in every aspect. I wont buy chicken the greed of US. Its about numbers. Depopulate while big pharma makes $$$ on our dying from whichever illness. US your really a shit piece of work. I loved America Im all American girl. Screw all this.