A Washington state man has filed suit against Townsend Farms, whose frozen berry mix has been linked to a hepatitis A outbreak, claiming that he fell ill after consuming the product. Brian Brothers of Edmonds, WA says he ate the frozen berry blend, “Townsend Farms Organic Anti-Oxidant Mix,” multiple times between January and April of 2013 before falling ill in mid-May with symptoms of fatigue and darker urine. On May 22 he was admitted to the hospital with a fever, nausea and jaundice — all symptoms of a hepatitis A infection. While he was hospitalized, doctors told Mr. Brothers he might need a liver transplant, a procedure that eventually did not prove necessary, according to his attorneys. Mr. Brothers is being represented by Marler Clark, the law firm that underwrites Food Safety News. His case was filed in Snohomish County Superior Court Tuesday. “All of the people I represent in this outbreak have been fatigued for weeks,” said attorney Bill Marler, who is also publisher of Food Safety News. “Brian Brothers has been suffering the effects of his hepatitis A infection for a month now and likely won’t get back to his normal self for several more weeks.” Mr. Brothers says that during the worst phase of his illness, he experienced headache, fever, acute stomach aches, nausea, extreme fatigue and cloudy judgement, and that he continues to feel fatigued. The hepatitis A outbreak linked to Townsend Farms’ frozen berry mix is known to have sickened 118 people in 8 states to date, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Marler Clark has now filed 15 cases on behalf of alleged victims of the outbreak, including 9 class action suits and 6 representing individuals.