Two lawsuits have been filed against Oregon-based Townsend Farms, the producer of Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend frozen berry products sold at Costco and Harris Teeter stores. One personal injury case has been filed on behalf of a San Diego woman who alleges she fell ill with a hepatitis A infection after eating the berries. The plaintiff developed a headache, fatigue, and pain in her right side, all of which lasted for three days before she finally sought medical treatment on May 21. A class-action lawsuit has also been filed in California on behalf of Townsend customers who had purchased the berries and then received hepatitis A shots as a precaution upon being notified of the risk associated with the product. Those who are exposed to the hepatitis A virus may not suffer symptoms if they are vaccinated within two weeks of exposure. Townsend Farms has recalled its products from Costco and Harris Teeter stores nationwide. Health investigators believe the hepatitis A contamination came from pomegranate seeds sourced from Turkey. At least 49 people in seven states have fallen ill in the outbreak, with 11 of those being hospitalized. The lawsuits have been filed by food safety law firm Marler Clark, which underwrites Food Safety News. The personal injury plaintiff is also represented by lawyers Fred Gordon of Gordon & Holmes and Rick Waite of Keeney, Waite & Stevens.