Federal felony charges of economic sabotage and domestic terrorism could be brought if whoever destroyed two sugar beet fields in Jackson County, Oregon earlier this month is ever brought to justice. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investing the destruction of about 6,500 sugar beets that occurred on the nights of June 8 and 11 at two separate fields, both leased by Syngenta AG, the Swiss multinational biotech company. GMO Free Jackson County, which opposed planting genetically modified crops in the area, posted a notice on its website denying any involvement in the pulling up the sugar beets. “From the beginning, GMO Free Jackson County has advocated only lawful means of addressing the GMO issue,” it said. “We remain firm in that commitment. We encourage everyone opposed to GMO crops to become involved in the public process of supporting the passage of Measure 15-119 that will ban GMO crops in Jackson County.” Syngenta AG began contracting with Jackson County farmers to grow sugar beets on leased land last year. GMO Free Jackson County began campaigning against the GM sugar beets, saying they would contaminate surrounding lands. It drafted the ballot measure that will appear on Jackson County ballots on May 20,1914. Jackson County is on the state’s border with California and is probably best known for the annual Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) in Ashland. Its politics, however, can be dicy. In 2007, voters said they preferred keeping all the county’s libraries closed. It was on the other side of Oregon that plantings of an abandoned GM wheat variety were found growing in what USDA called an isolated event.  The GM wheat was a Monsanto product, dropped a decade ago for its lack of worldwide marketability.

  • Acts of destruction are not an effective way to get a message out, but considering this an act of terrorism? Really?

    Labeling this an act of terrorism is absurd. Do we really equate this with something like the bombing in Boston?

    I guess when corporations control Congress (and too often, the White House and the various government agencies), we get things like “domestic terrorism” for pulling up plants.

    I lived in Oregon a few years. It’s like Washington state and California—very liberal cities and communities with extremely conservative inner rural areas.

    • The Piranha

      It is Called Eco-Terrorism not “Domestic Terrorism” Look up ELF and Tre Arrow, to learn more about it. It is Terrorism to our food source and our ECOnomy. Monsanto’s GMO Product is so out of control, That Russia’s Vladamir Putin say’s if we do Not ban Monsanto, it will lead to WORLD WAR. If American’s sit by and do nothing, then we are letting the War come to America. That seems pretty unamerican to me. Our Corrupt U.S. Government is doing nothing to stop this Bullshit from happening. Some very Patriotic American’s are stepping in, and doing it for them.

  • Marge Mullen

    Thank you to those who destroyed the sugar beets!!!

  • Clarice

    Busy busy little beavers, these skulking saboteurs. When they are not hiring on the farm payroll intending to stage hateful video clips they are out trashing crops and destroying private property. This is the natural outcome of so much hate and impudence by self styled activists. What makes them think they are so uniquely informed, so especially entitled? Rampaging foodistas grasp one tiny fragment of knowledge and tally ho they are on the chase, imaginations racing and venom running wild. These jack@asses must have some Middle Eastern blood flowing in their veins – always fussing and feuding and plotting dastardly sneak thief strategies to destroy something or someone, all in the name of homebaked moral righteousness. Getting pretty sick of it.

  • Oginikwe

    Who defined this as “economic sabotage” and “domestic terrorism”?

    Nice to know who the FBI works for these days.

  • Perry Way

    Whoever did these deeds was a hero! And I hope the public keeps their identity secret so that our evil government who is in bed with the poison purveyors like Monsanto and Syngenta can’t find them and prosecute them. They did a wonderful deed here! Absolutely wonderful!

  • mollymaguire

    awesome dudes !!! oh yeah baby…this is truly a beautiful thing…i am so proud.

  • The Piranha


  • sulablue

    “It drafted the ballot measure that will appear on Jackson County ballots on May 20,1914”

    Doc, fire up the Delorean!