At least 71 people in Europe have been sickened with Hepatitis A in an outbreak believed to be linked to frozen berries served in smoothies, according to the latest report from Eurosurveillance. That’s an increase of 15 cases since Food Safety News first reported on the outbreak April 17. There are at least 35 people sickened in Denmark, and another 36 sickened between Finland, Norway and Sweden. Swedish authorities say the country is experiencing ten times the normal number of Hepatitis A cases so far this year. Most case patients reported consuming berries or smoothies around the time of exposure, but investigators have not identified a specific brand or berry origin. This is the first foodborne Hepatitis A outbreak of nordic origin, Eurosurveillance said. Due to Hepatitis A’s incubation range of 15 to 50 days, and the delay involved in reporting the disease, authorities expect more illnesses to surface in the coming weeks.