Seven inmates at the Arizona State Prison Complex Eymen were hospitalized with symptoms of botulism this weekend, announced the Pinal County Health Department Monday. Homemade alcohol, or prison “hooch,” is the suspected source of the illnesses. Five of the prisoners fell ill on Saturday, according to the health department, and two more began exhibiting symptoms of botulism Sunday. All of the inmates are now in intensive care. All seven of those who fell ill are housed in Special Management Unit 1 of the prison, located in Florence, AZ. Health officials are conducting testing to determine whether the inmates indeed have botulism, a paralysis-causing disease contracted when botulinum toxins are ingested. Because the inmates exhibited symptoms of the disease, however, they were treated with an anti-toxin, according to a press release from the Pinal County Health Department. Botulism cases are commonly linked to home-canned fruits and other foods. Homemade alcohol, the suspected source of this outbreak, was confiscated from the sick prisoners’ pod, and samples of the “hooch,” made from fermented fruit, have been submitted to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for testing. All seven inmates remained in intensive care as of Monday, reported the county health department. Other inmates housed in Special Management Unit 1 are being monitored for symptoms of botulism.