An Oregon husband and wife who were sickened with Salmonella Virchow infections after eating at a Mexican restaurant in Washington state are suing the eatery, which has now been linked to 94 illnesses. Daniel and Allison Maynard of Happy Valley, Oregon, filed suit against On the Border restaurant Tuesday. The couple ate at the Vancouver, WA establishment on September 27, according to the complaint. They ate a variety of foods, including salad, chicken enchiladas, tacos and a dessert (the source of contamination in this outbreak has yet to be determined). Four days later, both began to suffer from an upset stomach. While Mrs. Maynard started experiencing other symptoms of Salmonella infection – including abdominal cramps, high fever, chills, fatigue and loose stools – within two days of falling ill, her husband continued to feel nauseous and fatigued for a week, but didn’t develop these other Salmonella symptoms himself until October 8, 7 days after he’d fallen ill. The couple visited Urgent Care on October 9. Stool samples taken there confirmed that both had contracted Salmonella Virchow infections, meaning that their cases were part of the outbreak linked to On the Border restaurant. According to the complaint, Daniel remains on antibiotics, and he and his wife continue to experience gastrointestinal symptoms. The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for emotional and physical damages and economic loss. The suit was filed in Clark County Superior Court in Washington by Marler Clark law firm, which underwrites Food Safety News.