At least 21 confirmed cases and 55 suspected Salmonella infections have now been linked to On the Border Restaurant in southern WA. The outbreak – which was officially linked to the Vancouver, WA restaurant Wednesday – has been connected to a growing number of Salmonella cases which have now been identified as a strain of Salmonella Virchow. Illnesses were predominantly reported among adults who ate at the restaurant on September 20 through October 9. Restaurant employees have thrown away all ice and food opened during these days, and health officials continue to investigate the source of contamination. “We closed the restaurant this morning as a further precaution to reduce the risk of Salmonella spreading to others,” said Dr. Alan Melnick, Clark County Health Officer in a statement this week. “Our staff is interviewing employees and patrons to learn more about the possible source of the outbreak, such as a contaminated food source. We’re also working with restaurant staff to make sure standard control measures are in place, such as sanitary surfaces and equipment, frequent hand-washing and proper food handling and storage. Restaurant staff has been very cooperative.” The restaurant will reopen when the public is known to be no longer at risk.