The one-year-old Aliano’s Ristorante in the Chicago suburb of Batavia is closed due to an ongoing Salmonella investigation by the Kane County Health Department that got underway last Friday. Tom Schlueter, the department spokesman, told the Beacon News that six Salmonella cases have been traced back to the Italian restaurant at 90 N. Island Ave. in Batavia. Schlueter said all six have common links back to the now closed restaurant. One of the six victims required hospitalization, but has since been released. The six did not dine together and visited the restaurant on different dates. According to the Beacon News, the Italian restaurant opened in the fall of 2011 in the town’s River Square Shopping Center by brothers Mario and Phil Aliano. They specialized in pasta and pizza. A closed sign on the door includes a note of apology for any inconvenience it causes customers. Schlueter said the restaurant closed voluntarily and has been cooperating with the health department investigation. Employees are being tested and must have two negative tests 48 hours apart to return to food handling. Kane County recorded 108 cases of Salmonella in 2011, up from 85 in 2010. So far this year its Salmonella count is at 66. No reopening date has been set for the restaurant. Schlueter said it would reopen when it is safe for people to dine. A common food source has not yet been found, but the investigation continues. The onset of symptoms for Salmonella — commonly called in incubation period — usually runs from 12 to 72 hours after exposure to the pathogen. The illness can last from four days to a week. With a population of about 3,000, Batavia is the oldest town in Kane County.